The Neighbourhood

The commune of Diano d"Alba (Province of Cuneo) has an extention of circa 18 and a population of more than 3000 inhabitants. The highest part of the town is at 496 m above sealevel. The territory is subdivided in the maintown and the fractions Ricca and Talloria. The economy of the commune is mainly based on the production of winegrapes and hazelnuts. Most of them are wine-growing farms.

Most interesting to visit at Diano d'Alba are the Town Hall (cent. XVIII) and the Parish Church of San Giovanni Batista (cent. XVIII). The Town Hall is built mid 1700 in Piemontese baroque style; originally it was destined as private noble residence. Early 1800, it was purchased by the Town admini- stration and used as town office. The Church of San Giovanni Batista is constructed between 1763 and 1770 under the project of architect C.F.Rangone. Particular constructions of the Church, in Piemontese baroque style, are the portico facade of 1700 and the pointed bell-tower, of which the influence of the architect Juvarra school is noted.

Visit also the town Enoteca "I Sori di Diano" for free tasting of all the wines, made by the Diano wine producers.